433MHz Low-IF OOK Receiver Module BM2302-64-2


The BM2302-64-2 is a 433MHz OOK RF receiver module which has a built-in Low-IF OOK RF receiver IC of the Holtek BC2302C/D. Comparing with the BM2302-6x-1 series, the BM2302-6x-2 series offer stronger anti-interference ability and wider operating voltage range. The product needs to use with an OOK modulation RF transmitter module.

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Operation mode

The BM2302-6x-2 series offer four operation modes: Deep sleep mode, Auto RX mode, Sniff RX mode, Configuration mode.
The product automatically enters deep sleep mode after powering on. In deep sleep mode, the power consumption is only 0.5μA. By controlling the DO / SDA and SD / SCL to enter RX mode or configuration mode.

How to receive data?

You can select to enter Auto RX mode or Sniff RX mode to receive data.

Auto RX mode

Connect the SD/SCL pin to GND and then power on the module to enter Auto RX mode. The module automatically receives RF signals transmitted from the antenna and output the data to the DO / SDA pin after demodulating.

Sniff RX mode

Connect the module’s SD/SCL pins to the MCU to control the voltage level, and use the voltage level to determine whether the module enters the Sniff RX mode.
⬥ When SD / SCL pin is high (powering on the module): enter Deep Sleep mode
⬥ When SD / SCL pin is low: enter Sniff RX mode

What is the purpose of configuration mode?

In configuration mode, you can configure the internal registers to determine the receiving channel though I2C interface. However, configuration mode is not required for normal operation.

To enter configuration mode, you need to connect both the SD / SCL and DO / SDA pins to the MCU, and enter configuration mode after powering on. When the module is in configuration mode, the SD / SCL and DO / SDA pins are used as I2C interface. It can turn back to deep sleep mode by being set the CFOMSD = 1.


The sequence diagram of entering/exiting the configuration mode is as following: 

  1. Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V
  2. Operating current: 4.0mA
  3. Deep Sleep mode current: 0.5μA @5V
  4. RX sensitivity (5V, 25℃, BER = 0.1%): -108dBm @10Ksps
  5. RF operating input power: -108dBm~+10dBm
  6. Modulation: OOK
  7. Symbol rate: 0.5Ksps~40Ksps
  8. Interface: I2C (address: 0x23)
  9. Dimension: 16 x 15 x 2.6 mm
  10. Net weight: 1g

Pin Pin name Function
1 ANT Antenna interface
2 GND Ground
3 VDD Power supply: 2.4V~5.5V
4 DO
Demodulated data output (RX mode)
I2C: data line (configuration mode)
5 SD
Exit RX mode: low level
I2C: clock line (configuration mode)
Function BM2302-6x-2 BM2302-6x-1
Operating voltage 2.4V~5.5V 3.0V~5.5V
Operating current 4.0mA @433MHz 3.2mA @433MHz
Deep sleep mode current 0.5μA @5V 0.5μA @5V
RX sensitivity
(@5V, 25℃, 433MHz)
-108dBm @10Ksps -112dBm @10Ksps
RF input power (Max.) +10dBm +10dBm
Frequency band 315MHz/433MHz/
Modulation OOK OOK
Symbol rate 0.5Ksps~40Ksps 1Ksps~20Ksps
Dimension 16 x 15 x 2.6mm 16 x 15 x 2.6mm
  1. MCU: Holtek BC2302C/D, Sub-1GHz Low-IF OOK RF Receiver, including datasheet, package information, etc.
  2. Application note:
    1. AN0633EN, BC2302C/D Development Board Application Note, including example program
    2. AN0631EN, BC2302C/D & BC2302A/B Application Difference Instructions


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