Bluetooth 5.2 BLE module BM7701-00-1


The BM7701-00-1 is a Bluetooth 5.2 BLE transparent transmission module based on the BLE controller IC, BC7701. It provides two UART interfaces (Tx, Rx) to transmit and receive commands. The module is suitable for mass production.

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You can use the module with the APP “BCBLEDemo”, and the development board, BCE-GenTrx32-002. Use e-Link32 Pro to program the code to the development board, pairing your mobile phone and module via Bluetooth, and you can press the buttons on the development board or APP to control the LEDs on the other side.

The BM7701-00-1 passed the FCC & CE pretest.

Product information

Dimension: 17 x 16 x 1 mm
Net Weight: 6.4g

  1. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.2 BLE
  2. Operating voltage: 2.0V to 3.6V
  3. Operating current
    – Transparent transmission mode (connected): 1mA @ 20 bytes, 5 times/sec, 3V
    – Broadcast mode (disconnected): 765μA (interval: 100ms)
    – Power down mode: 2uA
  4. Modulation: GFSK
  5. Frequency range: 2402MHz to 2480MHz
  6. TX output power: 3.5dBm @ Max. power setting
  7. Transmission distance: >100m @ +3.5dBm in open area
  8. RX sensitivity: -94dbm (1Mbps) / -91dbm (2Mbps)
  9. UART interfaces
  10. Default broadcast name: BM7701 (adjustable)
  11. Passed the FCC & CE pretest

 Required Materials

  1. Module: BM7701-00-1
  2. Development board: BCE-GenTrx32-002 or BCE-GenTrx8-001
  3. Programming tool: e-Link32 Pro (use with BCE-GenTrx32-002) or e-Link (use with BCE-GenTrx8-001)
  4. Breakout board (contact BESTCOMM:
  5. Programming software: e-Link32 Pro ICP Tool or Hope3000 for e-Link
  6. APP: “BCBLEDemo” can be searched on Apple APP store.
We did not launch the APP on Android Play store. To use the APP, you need to scan the below QRcode, download ‘bcm7602.apk’, and install it.


In the below steps, we use BCE-GENTrx32-002 and e-Link32 Pro with the BM7701-001.

    1. Connect the BM7701-00-1 to the development board, BCE-GenTrx32-002, via a breakout.

    1. Use the e-Link32 Pro and software e-Link32 Pro ICP Tool to program the code to the BCE-GenTrx32-002.
      The code can be downloaded on the “Documents” label.
    2. The BCE-GenTrx32-002 supports three types of power sources. Select one of the power sources to power the board.

Power Supply

1. External power (VEXT): connect to external power which does not exceed 3.6V.
2. Micro USB (LDO33): connect to 3.3V power.
3. Batteries (BATT): put two 1.5V AA batteries in the holder.

★ Select one of these power sources above, put a jumper on the corresponding pin header, and turn on the power switch.

    1. Download the App, BLEDemo, on your mobile and turn on the power of the development board.

    1. Enable the Bluetooth on your mobile and open the APP to pair with BM7701.

    1. You can evaluate the module’s function if the pairing is successful.

  1. IC: BC7701, BT5.2 BLE Controller, including datasheet, package information, etc.
  2. Application note: AN0614EN, BM7701-00-1 Application Note, including BCE-GENTrx32-002 hardware overview, BM7701-00-1 library, etc.


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